Join us!


Hello, Jason Zimmerman and Sandy Sampson here….

We are a couple of local artists filming a series of short documentary videos that celebrate the rich traditions of food and culture in the Midway neighborhood, and we would love to have your help!


  • Let’s film you shopping, cooking, and enjoying food… Anything from a simple snack to an elaborate meal with others and all skill levels are welcomed!

  • We’ll pay for the groceries, just bring your knowledge and enthusiasm!

  • Language is not a barrier… We will be asking you questions and learning from you as we go along and will find translators as needed.

Our belief is that by honoring and sharing the knowledge of community members, as they represent themselves the project will foster new connections between neighbors. We think of these small films as part cooking show and part storytelling. They will be screened at the Midway Festival of Nations and you will receive your own copy of all the videos as well.

We are receiving assistance from the Division Midway Alliance and local business owners; and are not affiliated with any religious or government institutions. Funding has been provided by a grant for creative placemaking.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in participating please contact Sandy and Jason at (503) 935-9777 or email us at Also, please visit our website at